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TENNEN SHOYUFrom the origin of Japanese soy sauce and its exacting craftsmanship, Kaneiwa is proud to offer this soy sauce that features an unbelievably smooth taste and distinctive aroma. Unlike ordinary soy sauces, "Tennen-Jouzo-Shoyu" is aged in a wooden barrel from 18 months to 30 months until the quality of soy sauce is perfect.

Even those who normally shy away from the salty taste of ordinary soy sauces will likely enjoy this sauce because it has just enough "mirin," (a sweet condiment) added to the "Koshiki" to make it taste a little sweeter without losing the quality of Kaneiwa soy sauce.

It is an ideal substitute for cooking to replace ordinary soy sauce for those who do not like saltiness of most soy sauces.

Ingredients for "Tennnen-Jouzo-Shoyu", soy sauce are naturally grown whole soybeans from Hokkaido, wheat from Shiga, sea salt and mirin. Contains no artificial preservatives, artificial color or MSG. Refrigeration is recommended after opening.

Among Kaneiwa Shoyu, this soy sauce is a favorite of many Japanese.
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