Authentic Soy Sauce

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KAKE SHOYUThis soy sauce is characterized by its distinctive flavor with no salty taste, which allows you to enjoy the true taste of soy sauce (i.e., extract of soybeans).

To satisfy all the needs for soy sauce, it is boiled to make its taste little milder after being aged between one-and-half and two years in a wooden barrel.

If you enjoy food like "sashimi," "tofu", broiled fish and sushi, Kake-Shoyu will add to the flavor without the food losing its own distinctive taste.

It tastes a little smoother than "Tennen (naturally brewed)" shoyu and it goes well with almost any kind of food regardless how the food is prepared: grilled, broiled or boiling soups.

Refrigeration is recommended after opening in summer time.

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