Wooden Barrel Brewed Authentic Soy Sauce

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KOSHIKI SHOYUUsing carefully chosen, naturally grown soybeans from Hokkaido, wheat from Shiga and sea salt, "Koshiki" shoyu is made from "Moromi," which is kept in historical wooden barrels for two years. "Koshiki" shoyu is exactly the same sauce as "Koku-Bishio," a Kaneiwa's raw soy sauce, except that the pasteurizing process stabilizes its quality by controlling activities of mold that is still alive.

Compared to modern soy sauce, Koshiki-shoyu tastes slightly more salty, which is like old-fashioned Japanese soy sauce. With its full, rich flavor and smoothness, this will be a perfect choice for those who enjoy the taste of authentic Japanese soy sauce

Likewise, Koshiki-shoyu is an ideal match with "sashimi" as its distinctive aroma makes it appealingly different from conventional soy sauce produced in large volume.

If you enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine, cooking with Koshiki-shoyu will help ensure your food has the traditional Japanese taste.

Refrigeration is recommended after opening.

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